Ziaraat offers an opportunity to connect to the roots of faith where it all happened fourteen hundred years ago. You will experience your most honored beliefs come to life as you walk in the footsteps of your beloved spiritual leaders.

It is a common misconception that only Shia muslims visit sacred sites in Iraq and Iran but it may come as a revelation that Hindus, Christians and Zoroastrians partake in the festivities in Karbala. Furthermore the shrine of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani and Imam Abu Hanifa are major attraction for the faithful.

We believe that religious pilgrimage though also, a part of general tourism, needs to be focused upon separately in order to render organized services to the travellers of this spiritual journey. With the growing demand for these sacred pilgrimages, Sonya Travel Network has designed special packages to fulfill the requirement s of Ziaraat to Iran, Iraq and soon to Syria.



  • Najaf e Ashraf
  • Kufa
  • Karbala Moalla
  • Kazmain Baghdad
  • Samrrah and others.


  • Mashhad: Roza e Imam Raza
  • Qom: Roza e Bibi Masooma e Qom
  • Nishapur:
  • Tehran: Roza e Imam Khomeni & Others


  • Zainabia: Roza e Hazrat Bibi Zainab
  • Babe e Saghir
  • Bazaar – Darbar e Shaam
  • Roza e Bibi Sakina
  • Halab, Riqa & Others