What the Airline People say about us


Sonya travels has been one of our biggest business partner in Pakistan related to Airline sales. We have awarded status of GSA to Sonya travels based upon its extensive distribution network across Pakistan and its ambition to provide best client services to Sub-Agents.


Sonya travels has been one of the biggest contributor in sales of PIA in areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We have great faith in their capability and that’s why we have recently appointed them as PSA at numerous locations.


Reliability and numbers in sales is something we attribute to Sonya. We believe and put lot of faith in our business partner.


Extensive reach and power of scale is what we ascribe to Sonya. Sonya has been a reliable business partner for Emirates in increasing its sales and customer satisfaction.


Sonya travels has strong presence with its excellent distribution network. We place great faith in our B2B business partner.