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Hajj & Umrah

Hajj for many is once in a lifetime journey. At Southern Travels Network (Hajj & Umrah), we understand what an important part of your life undertaking the pilgrimage of Hajj/ Umrah is.

We understand your desire to attain the highest possible levels of spirituality during the Hajj days and we also understand your need to not be distracted by the logistical problems that are often part and parcel of this holy journey.



If you have planned to visit some specific or some desired destinations around the world, either you want to travel to West or you want to visit the East. We are here to provide you suitable flights on cheap fares to anywhere in the world.

“Sonya Travels” is the traveling agency that helps you to find cheap flights to any destination in Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America and Holiday Islands.



Whether you want to travel East or West, Sonya delivers consumers everything they need for planning and purchasing a whole trip. Sonya’s travel portal feature Holiday Packages, Airline Tickets, Hotel Reservations, Car Rental, Cruises, Hajj & Umrah and Ziaraat. From the families booking tour packages to individuals looking for a weekend getaway, Sonya provides you maximum information for planning and booking your holidays.

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Sonya Southern Travels Network is the largest Travel, Tours, Umrah and Hajj network with 25 branches in all the major cities of Pakistan. Sonya Southern Travels Network (STN) has equipped its offices with state of the art updated facilities like, latest computers with modern reservation systems being operated by experienced and dedicated staff.

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